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We are so excite about bringing Privy Diner Popup to fruition, let me just tell you this event is not for the weak at heart! I mean you have to be able to plan ahead because if your don't this as well as other life events can become a nightmare. I am a executive Director of a Nonprofit, a full-time wife, a mother to a 34 year old scholar who is studing for the MCAT, & a mom to 3 loving huminals (dogs). Your proberly wondering where do you have time to plan such an spectacular event.

I had been researching and gathering information about what experiences I would like to share with others aboutNashville. That's when I was talking with a friend about a grand themed popup party where invited guests recieve their invitation to purchase tickets to attend.

I found that people have been having themed parties since before time but Nashville has never had an event like this, and with popup events becoming the new thing to do it just seemed right to bring an event of this magnitude to the "It City".

I told my friend that we needed to come up with a name that was different, a name that once you heard it, you wanted to find our what it was about. That's when I came up with Privy Diner Popup.

Privy....meaning private......Diner......meaning dinner, meal, supper......Popup..... meaning spur of the moment, suddenly unexpectantly. I talked it over with my friend and she didn't really respond, to be exact she disappeared.

I didn't know what to do, my mind was racing ,planning a great dinner party was right up my alley. I continued to reach out to my friend with no response, so I spoke with my husband, and told him about the idea and how I didn't know how to move forward. My husband said "do you believe in God"? I said yes, my husband said "that's all you need".

Now the best is yet to come!

I began to join groups on Meetup to find more people with my same common interests.

Now I plan Meetup events once a week to get the buzz out about Privy Diner Popup. This event will require a lot of personnel staff & volunteers, but I know that with all the right advertising, special guests, and buzz we will be able to make Privy Diner Popup an Annual event that will expand far beyond Music City!

Privy Diner Popup the experience!