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Essential Needs Nonprofit, Inc. / PRIVY
Pay It Forward 2022 Recipients 

Essential Needs Nonprofit, Inc is committed to the tenets of community and philanthropy. Each year we strive to pay it forward to deserving recipients of the community. This years vehicle was through the collaborative Pay It Forward Award. This award is given to our community giants and the work that they do to uplift and push us forward. 


Pay It Forward 2022  Recipient

A Maplewood alumni, a mother, a wife, and the serial entrepreneur of Bella’s studios, Girl YOU so Dope Collection, Co-Owner of M’sha & Co. Boutique and with her husband “Rock Tha Bellz” event center and B-Two event center.


Her faith, work ethic, and perseverance to succeed and tell “Her Testimony” with “Brunch’n With Bella” has encouraged, motivated, and inspired many women from all walks of life through personal experiences. None of this could have been possible on her own, but God was and is collaborating with her so nothing is impossible. She is love, she is life, she is laughter, she is motivating, and she is Soooo… Dope!


Her name is Kim Bella.


Pay It Forward 2022 Recipient

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Rev. Dr. William R. Harris, Sr.

Pay It Forward 2022 Recipient

Rev. Harris is the Pastor of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church of Nashville where he is very active in
church and community projects. He has organized and directed tutorial, sport, computer, and enrichment
programs designed for adults and youth. He launched a program for young men called “The Young Josephs”
and a program for young ladies called “Daughters of Destiny.” He is the national director of transportation for
the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. Presently, he serves as a volunteer Chaplain for the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department. In August
2007 and 2015 he was selected by the United States Marshals and the Nashville Metropolitan Law
Enforcement Agencies to host a nationwide program known as the “Fugitive Safe Surrender Program.” Also,
he works with the Youth Intervention program with the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department. He
organized a motorcycle ministry known as the “Soul Seekers.” This motorcycle ministry membership
includes pastors, ministers, deacons and other church workers who helps to meet the need of others across the
state of Tennessee. 


Pay It Forward 2022 Recipient

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